19 September 2009

ps and have a way to find a win.

Giants and the Under for Sunday Night Football.

The Commish on Eagles Game!

If D Mac was in I would be bouncing off the wall sfor this game. Since he is out I am now second guessing whet will happen. The

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12 September 2009


Suicide Pick.

The Lions travel to the big Easy. Saints have high hope this year after Drew Brees awesome season last year. One more Touchdown drie and he would of had a new record. Now to the Contest. The Lions have won outright the last 2 times they where dogs against the Saints. The under is 8-2 last 10 times these teams meet.

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19 March 2009

Hello Eagles Fans!

 My name is Paul Kelly and I am a life long Eagles fan.

I live and die with the team...bleed green and live for sunday afternoons.

 With this site, I want to create a place for all fans to discuss the

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22 February 2009

As an Eagles fan it should be a good year with two first round picks. I mean several chances and possabilities. I personel would not mind seeing a pick go to Cleveland for Winslow. Granted he must stay health to be a factor but he is a stud. Also a trade with the Cardinals would be a dream come true. Boldin in

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31 January 2009

Super Bowl 43

After the Eagles choked on this years chance I started to think which way to go. The Steelers going for their 6th and most for one team. Then you have the Cards going for their first. Ouch I really wanted the Birds in this years game. Well, as a true football fan I had to break the game down to which team earned it more.  The Answer was simple time to get the coin out.......lol.

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17 January 2009

Straight up I think the Steelers are going to be playing again in two weeks. 

Eagles Vs. Cardinals

This game has more subplots then a soap oprea. I would think this was a made up script for a Hollywood movie if I did not see it personelly. E. James and D. Mac both benched during the season, Star players injured, 

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11 January 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles get to travel ut West for A Showdown with Arizona Cardinals.

The Thanksgiving rematch. The first time these two teams meet on a night thanksgiving game, The Philadelphia

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Not much of a load since they are in the air more the the Eagles.  The Chargers nailed their own coffin with a pass interference.

The Steelers wanted another piece of the Ravens. They a

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Eagles take down the New Jersey Giants in the medowlands.

The Giants got the first round bye and home field through the playoffs. To bad they forgot to win the first game. The Birds took it to the the Jersey Giants. So far the bye weeks have not ment a thing. Giants turn the ball over three times. Now the have the whole off season to decide what to do with Plexi. 

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10 January 2009

They Want another rematch againts the Giants or The Eagles. Both who beat them up prett bad last time. Kurt Warner had a decent game with 2 td's and one interception. 133 yards rush between James and Rookie Hightower. Larry Fitz did not miss Boldin as he got 8 catches for 166 yards and a TD. Cardinals D was stellar for a second week in a row. five picks and a fumble is just what a Defese needed to dominate this game. Now tommorrow they get to Sit back and Watch the

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Ravens make a stand and with the refs help get a win.

The Ravens knew they could keep it close with the Titans and their Defense could make Kerry Collins pay for play. The Titans seemed to move the ball at will but after one TD the Offense seem to stall. Three turnovers did not help either. Two of them came in field goal range. Then on a 4th down play fumble the snap.....Ouch whay a day to suit up. Then The Zebras decided to make things tuff for the the home team. 12 flags for a total or 89 yards, with the best non call to come.

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9 January 2009

ed s to step up and help give the D some rest.

 Chargers shortout as the Steelers move on.

Eagles lookin g to stump the giants.

My heart is with the Eagles and have to go with phila. The Birds are on a good streak while the Giants have struggled in final month of season. The Giants also lost 4 of the last six against phi;a. The key to the game is who can run or who can stop the run.

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8 January 2009

BCS Championship game.

Final college game of the season. Not that it is ending the way it should. I still rather have a play off system. To we change the way we decide a champion this is the best we have to offer. I personel had to flip a coin to decide the winner. I know the rule is win heisman lose championship so Florida is the pick. Vegas also agreed that that Florida was going to win. So Oklahoma would need a lot things to go there way for a victory. Thought the 5 points in vegas sounds good. The time for the coin toss, heads Florida tails Sooners. Coin is up and landed on tails. Well, my offical Pick is taking the points and going with the Oklahoma Sooners.

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7 January 2009

So lets hope he can get the job done.

Freedom to interview.

The Boston College Eagles proved they can stand their ground. They told their coach not to interview for a job and if he did..........He could be the Jets next coach or he could be unemployed as BC lived up to there word and Fired Jeff Jagodzinski. The Jets have Jeff as a long shot, so he might be trying to find a spot as an offensive coordinator if he dose not land the job.

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6 January 2009

Then the draft talk gets heated up.

Eagles have two First Round Picks?

Yes Virginia, there is two picks but if the Eagles win this week and Face Carolina the following week.......Yes we could have two picks in the 30's. eagles could win the Superbowl and have the 32nd and 30th pick.......Just figures

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5 January 2009

Who will that be? have to read my pick'em blog on Friday maybe early Saturday depending the Eagles pep rally.

The Arizona Cardinals survived being a home dog and get a trip to Carolina........The days of the Cardinals might becoming to an end. Then again maybe a surprise upset is in the making. During the season these teams meet in the same circumstances in Carolina. The Cardinals had a  lead but two late Steve Smith touchdowns and The Panthers got a 27-23 victory. Tune in for your Cardinal Panthers write up at end of the week.

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4 January 2009

Eagles win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow a great game if an Eagles fan. now a trip up to New York. Lets hope this could be our chance......First lets send P

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Ravens make tune out of the Dolphins.

Fitting with Bill Parcells possible last game as a Dolphin. The Ravens dominate and if not for one fumble on first drive and a prevent D score the Dolphins never got started. The Dolphins where unable to get to Flacco but they held him under 200 yards but he did get a rushing TD and his RB's besides a fumble help him to win. Flacco is only the third starting Rookie QB to win a playoff game. Now they get the Chance as the third string to take on the Titans. It should be a good Defensive game. We will look at the matchups later in the week.

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3 January 2009

Chargers Send the MVP home for the season.

Well, atleast now Manning can get his hair cut......Also NFL network there goes brother vs. brother Super Bowl. The Chargers actual took it to the Colts. A few mental and physical mistakes early made it an over time game. A Rivers interception in endzone stopped a great drive. The Drive befre was a turn over by the runningback on the two yard line. The Colts should of just taken the safety and get better field position on the Chargers with less then 2 minutes left. The Chargers deserved this game and must admit at half time I started to root for them. I hate to get a lose in playoffs but now I know what it is like to root for the underdog.

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2 January 2009

on sweep of the Dolphins.

Ravens Flying High as the Dolphins cinderelle season comes to an end.

Eagles trying to knock out the black out.

Not sure what is up with wild card weekend and two possable black outs.......Are you kidding me. Maybe the Vikes will luck out and a company will buy the rest. So if you are in Minnesota you can buy a snow mobile and get 2 free tickets. Now the Birds are not the underdog on the road which is a  little wired. Now the key is AP and his ball handeling skills. The

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30 December 2008

Colts, Chargers and Eagles........Where all thought to be dead before making a run in to the playoffs.

The Colts Sitting out at a bad pace. Losing the First game to the Bears. Got a game back when the squeaked past the Vikings.  The Jaguars slash and dash them for a victory. So at the Bye week the Colts where at 1-2. The Bye week did not help the injury prone Colts. They where down big to the Texans. The Games was basically over.......Then  Sage Rosenfels turn the ball over three times and Texans blew a 17 point lead. The next week Colts got to play the Ravens D.  The Colts lit up the board and the Ray Lewis was very upset.

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29 December 2008

Bucs where the vegas pick, but decided to take an early season. The Bears stopped the Eagles Short but returned the gift when it counted.

The Superbowl Pick from NFC......The Cowboys kind of packed it up about a month ago.

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He is a Niners fan(Yikes). The Bucs took a 10 point lead. Then The Raiders gave the Eagles some life. They made it a three point game. Then Bush wins my respect and maybe waste a late fantasy draft pick on him next year to show my thanks. Then Garcia goes Favre like. Throws a pick and then Raiders eat clock and kick a field goal. Then I get another call.

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28 December 2008

Can you believe this!!!!!!

Eagles Cowboys win or go home!!!!!!

I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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27 December 2008

The News is in in case you missed it Tom Brady is tieing the knot. He must of been bored with the winter off.  Gisele got her man and Brady got a super model. Only time will

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26 December 2008

e Division....(DREAMING).Vikes,Cowboys, and Bucs Watching the playoffs with the Pats.

Ok might be Eagles finalgame of the season......Even with a win it might be over.

Hello Andy reid Please read before kick off. The

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24 December 2008

first time these two teams meet.

The Fourth thing on Christmas my true love gave to me......

An Eagles Win and send the Cowboys and Romo home.

Ok loyal blog readers, Merry Christmas and hope you and your family the best.

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The Jets would still need alot of help.

 Eagles will know their fate when the Game starts. If Tampa and Chicago are losing or lost when the Game starts at 4:15 I expect one hell of a gam

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19 December 2008

two 50/50 weeks. My Elimination picks have been almost perfect with the Tie of the Eagles. Now-the picks are getting tough. I am taking a game that could go either way. I like The Saints to push the Lions to one game from being 0-16. This is a risky pick because it is hard to go win-less on the season. With P. Thomas carrying the Rock and Drew Brees throwing it I see a high scoring game. Kevin Smith of Detroit has been putting up good number and expect some more this week. In the End Saints are a better team with both Playing for pride.

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16 December 2008

Wow a lot of Emails..........Few subjects. Ok Giants won the Division, but it seems if they lose out and Cowyboys win out it eguals a tie in the division. Lets take a close look, deep in side the Tie breaker system.Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs). Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference. Strength of victory. Strength of schedule. Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed. Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed. Best net points in common games. Best net points in all games. Best net touchdowns in all games. Coin toss

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14 December 2008

ot the Win and a good shot to make the playoffs if the Beat Minnesota.

Monday Night Special

The Eagles Host the Browns......Sounds like an Easy Win. Just do not forget the Browns beat Giants on Monday Night and are 2-0 this season. Now you also need to know that the browns are down to Ken Dorsey. Spells an easy

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12 December 2008

Week 15 Picks. Just want to say Chicago pulled the game out in overtime and Vegas buddies got a kiss from their sister. The over was a plus though. Now the best part of the games happened in overtime. Did you watch the Coin toss? They said have the D Mac announcement made. Explained the overtime rules. You know 2 time outs, Sudden death first to score wins, then If neither team scores before time expires we will have a tie!!!!!!!!Mcnabb will remember next time he has a over time game.

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ayer Drew dose not repersent, who cares.......lol.

I like to see the Cowboys make the Playoffs if Eagles do not. Just to see what Owens dose next if they lose in the first round again? 

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11 December 2008

The Saints travel to Soldier field to take on The Bears. The Bears are the favorite at home. Not sur why since they have a bad passing D, and the Saints love to pass. The Bears also are able to put points on the board. So this should be a good game. Rember it is in Chicago so the weather could be an issue. The Bears and Saints are both coming off a lose and have slim hopes for post season. A lose tonight by either will send them to an early season with no chance at a playoff birth. As of right now they both are on the outside looking in.

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9 December 2008

A D can be as good or as bad as their offense. I personel Target Ravens, Steelers, Eagles, and Vikings in a few drafts. Vikings I only took in the leagues they fell and they did there part. The Ravens, Steelers and

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8 December 2008

Like My Previse blog stated the Eagles will not get credit for the win, it was more of a distraction for the Giants. Now The Giants Have the Division as the Cowboys also lost. Now they face each other on Sunday Night Football. The Cowboys need a victory while Giants are just playing for a bye week. Surprise surprise surprise

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5 December 2008

Lets start out with my Eagles Bias. I  Personel think this is a no win situation for the Eagles. They win it's because the Eagles distractions. If they lose it is how great the Giants pulled together for the Win. So no reason to count on this game to be a big part of

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4 December 2008

The Chargers get to play the Oakland Raiders on thursday night football. I am sure NFL Network wish they had some flex games. This could turn out to be a decent outting. Neither team has been playing well, and are coming off loses. The Chargers saw their ex back up Turner hit the D hard. While the Raiders let the Chiefs get a win.

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1 December 2008

Not a total lost but like kissing your sister. My upset fell short of it's mark and The Bills let the Niners keep Cardinals from getting the first playoff birth. Carolina and Atlanta both pulled out the ipset specail. I liked both of them but stuck with the bears. Would of could of. Now the Broncos pulled the upset that i never called, I just like the points vegas was giving. The Steelers also pulled out the up set. Now that was a good chance to happen and was a very good game. The Redskins game would of been good if they would stop stalling on drives. They played to lose the game not win. They did some good things and a binch of boneheads ones also. The Colts need a def play to win their game. While Chiefs just took it to the Raiders.

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26 November 2008

Unless Matt Haselback is done duing travel commercails and ready to play.

The Eagles host the Cardinals in the prime time game.

Donovan McNabb is going to start and he is forecasted to snap out of his funk against the below average Cardinals pass defense. In fact, while McNabb is not completing as high a percentage of passes as Kurt Warner, he actually is averaging a few more passing yards per sim. The

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The two teams split with Eagles winning the first year and Steelers the second. 

The Dallas Cowboys Took over hosting Turkey day action in 1966. They did not host in 1975 and 1977. I was born in 77 so not sure why they did not those years. So up to two years ago there was two games on Thanksgiving. Then The NFL and NFL Network added a night game.

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25 November 2008

Back in April, Peter King of SI.com raised the possibility of NFL games being shown in 3D, via a company owned in part by David Modell, son of former Browns/Ravens owner Art Modell.

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23 November 2008

Thanksgiving Eagles game will be on local Television!!!

Yippie Skippie, Everyone gets to watch the Eagles waste a primetime spot on television. I rember when I first saw the Schedule and I was so exicted to see the

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Wow, Is all I can say after this devistating game and who would have thought the Eagles would come out playing this bad today?

The Offense was terrible, three huge turnovers in the first half lead to all of the Ravens points making it a 10-7 lead for Baltimore thanks to a game-saving 100 yard return by Demps but it wasn't enough.

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21 November 2008

Sorry Blogger fans I let you guys miss out on an easy pick'em last night. The Steelers where a shoe in with the low over under an easy pick to go high. Like the kid in the video I feel like I am on speed. Last week my pick'em pool I only lost 1out of 16  with one tie. My Blog picks where 3-0-1. leading to a 14-1-1 overall for the weekend. This week there are several harder picks. Contact me if you like to pick my brain about this weekends games.

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17 November 2008

The picks finished 3-0-1

The Eagles where unable to give me the perfect record. I would not see a tie. because there has not been one since 2002. The Eagles deserved to lose the game, but lucky get to keep the tie. Tis is better then a lose but not as good as a win.

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Should of been an easy call. Going to Ohio. The Bengals are clinging to one win. The Philadelphia Eagles have just lost that killer instinct. Hate to say but time might be over big red. Time to get some new motivation. Andy has a lot at home to deal with and a bunch of skilled player that are just not in sync. Now Big Red can not make his players step up on the field and

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Should of been an easy call. Going to Ohio. The Bengals are clinging to one win. The Philadelphia Eagles have just lost that killer instinct. Hate to say but time might be over big red. Time to get some new motivation. Andy has a lot at home to deal with and a bunch of skilled player that are just not in sync. Now Big Red can not make his players step up on the field and

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11 November 2008

Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

My picks where solid except my upset special. I take another 3-1 week after last weeks 2-2. Two of my games where decide in the final minutes of the game. The Chargers held off the Chiefs by a failed two point conversion. The Cardinals keep my Elimination team a float with a stop as time expired on Monday night football. The Jaguars just dominated the Lions and finally got back in the win column.

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9 November 2008

Friends,  Americans, Countrymen, lend me your football experience.  I needs to wrap up as much as possible and send it to the main offices in Valley Ranch. 

The Dallas Cowboys are suffering Nation.  They have fallen off the highest mantle of expectation in the NFL.  Once hailed as the 'sure thing' in this year's Super Bowl, now just another forgotten heap of scrap metal set aside on the road to Tampa.   Boy did Jerry Jones spend his cash wisely.  Fresh off the "Hard Knocks" HBO series, which began and ended with TO jogging shirtless, Dallas appeared to have the map, GPS, and itinerary all set with a showdown with whoever the AFC victim would be in Florida.  A lot has happened in nine short weeks.  It all began with a win against Green Bay.  A blue print was set in motion with how to contain TO.  Ever since that game, opposing teams has strived to perfect it.  Washington achieved that goal and shut down TO and the run, and ever since then, the season has been lost. 

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3 November 2008

It took longer then I was hoping for. Also means when I go to see the Eagles Browns game on Monday Night Football I will get to see Brady for a full 4 quarter baring injury. 

Culpepper is back and he is better then before. Hey naw hey naw Culpepper is back.

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31 October 2008

The Ladies from Fantasy Sports girls give me a hand with some picks.  Besides who the ladies pick I am giving some helping hands with week 9 pickups. With LT, Carolina runningbacks, Jake Delhome, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers sitting out, time to hit the waivers.

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Also wanted to send out a salute to the Philadelphia Eagles, and their 2008 World Series Championship win. So enough about learning lets play Trick or Treat Football Picks.

I usually start with my Suicide pick, well it's trick time. We will start with the Upset Special. Now for the treat, I have been on fire with upsets. I won the last 4 straight going for a fifth.

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29 October 2008

Ever wondered what the players in the NFL are fined for? How much are the fines anyway? The following is the NFL's 2008 Fine Schedule. If you've never seen it, it's very interesting.

Fines listed are minimums unless otherwise specified. Other forms of discipline, including higher fines, suspension and banishment may also be imposed, based on the circumstances of the particular violation.

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28 October 2008

I am not sure the deal but besides the Ravens game Peyton has not been the same QB.

The Eagles on the other hand have shown some signs of life. I must admit they have some momentum going in to the rest of the season. Now The Seahawks come in and finally woke up them self. Only one win going for two.

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27 October 2008

To My faithful blog readers, You all ready know I was 3-1. I had another great weekend. I had 6 games I was looking at and Jags where only one to let me down. I am also giving out my Monday Night Specail. I Like the Colts and the Over. Peyton Manning and Monday Night football, how can you go against him. I like a close game so thinking final 27-20. Colts open up the Titans D.

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24 October 2008

I expect allot of points in the London showdown. Drew Brees will be out to make a statement against the Chargers.  He use to play there and he let in a fashion that makes Favre seem simple. There was allot of bad blood between the two after the Drafted Eli Manning and Traded him for Ryan leaf, oh wait Sorry Phillip Rivers.....lol. With out Bush and maybe Duece's last game for a month. I think we get to see if Colston is health or not. The Yards should be piling on with The Chargers D missing Merriweather. They Rank 31st over all I believe. So if you play fantasy and need a receiver. Look for Lance Moore, Or Henderson to also have big games. Meachem might even get involved. If need tight end help, go get Billy Miller. Since we have no Reggie Bush here is some video of him, and what they are missing in London.

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un away with the victory.Jaguars  

The Atlanta Falcons travel to play the Philadelphia Eagles. I know I am a Eagles fan first so we know the pick already. I just can’t resist Andy Reid after a bye week. 9-0 speaks for it self. I am not sold on this being a blow out, Think it might be a bird fight till the end. Matt Ryan is been impressive so far this year. Time to see how he does against a mad mans rush.

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23 October 2008

ven, Buckhater played well while Westbrook was out, Booker is a stud and great back up.

 The Eagles come back from the Bye and now have all there wearons Healthy. Report are Desean Jackson will remain the starter. I know it is one play, And I see alot of play action to start a game. put Curtis, Reggie, and Curtis out there sunday. Westbrook in back field, fake hand off and go deep to Curtis or Jackson. Like we have not seen that yet.

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22 October 2008

I am a fan of Winslow. I like big bruising TE. I know what you are thinking. Kellen spends more time bruised then inflicting Damage to others. I suppose I buy the hype. He has spent more time injured then Playing. Now this tin solider has complained about how he is treated. Maybe someone should show him his college tape. He dose not card about a Vol. He is tring to kill him. So maybe The owner dose not care what happens to you. Thy just want you out there to kill. They do not want you to kill the team with complaints. Time to buck up bud, You are like the filet of meat with what you get paid.

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21 October 2008

While Saints hoping to be healthy enought to travel to London and play the Chargers.

Our Beloved Eagles get to play the Falcons. Both coming off a bye. Lets see what happens. Andy's Eagles

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20 October 2008


The Day After the Blowout

Hello East fans,

    Okay so my predictions were way off, well not by much except for the thrashing in St. Louis, I really think it is code red in Big D. The Skins got away with one at home against the resurged Brownies. The G-men handled the Whiners the way you should, let them beat themselves. Let’s start off with the biggest upset in the NFL since the previous week.

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19 October 2008

 I can feel the mojo flowing, pulling out another 3-1 week.  On top of that the upset special won for a third week in a row. I might go to Disney world. Ok maybe a little carried away. At-least should be able to help Frank Caliendo. Lets re look at my picks and maybe I will throw out the Monday night Madness pick.......lol.

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17 October 2008

Seems I keep pulling out a 3-1 record. At-least my Upset pick is coming through. Well, seeing the crystal ball is busted(From the Video), time to dig deep and pick  out the winners. First I will go with my Suicide team. In case you do not know what Suicide pool is. A group of people each week take one winner. If your team wins you move on to next week. If you lose you are done. The trick is you can not pick the same team more then once. Now lets go to the picks.

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16 October 2008

So I added a few videos to get you by.  I know it's not the same as watching the hard hitting Eagles play.

     I wanted to look back at the Season so far. at 3-3 in bottom of the division is not where I was hoping to be. The Season Had it's chances. The Cowboys game we had it up to the double clutch handoff fumble from D Mac. The game was exciting, with lots of points. After the Fumble Cowboys scored leaving the

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14 October 2008

A trade deadline comes and passes. The Eagles sit idle again. I was not expecting much, this is the NFL. There rarely is a big trade during the season....... What There was a big Trade? Where did Tony Gonzo go? Was not him. So Roy Williams went to the niners? No He went where????????  What the !@!#% is that.  As I passed out in Shock. I awoke later to see it was true.

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13 October 2008

Oh wait they have to wait to week 10 due to the Hurricane. Well, that sucks.

So now the Eagles are back in to the running in the division. With Romo out 3 Games and Redskins still not as good as they where thought to be. I like the

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12 October 2008

e, I am just glad TO can hold his tongue for the good of the team.

Out in the Bay area my beloved Eagles were fighting to save a promising season against a much better 49er team of recent years. The

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Must say they where not the same team that I watched play the Eagles or cowboys. Campell was playing like he did last season. he did manage 200 and some yards and no picks. Portis on the other hand keep on rolling. He is have a great season so far. In the Ends the win-less Rams are now just the Rams or the one win Rams. A field goal sent The Skins back and gave

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10 October 2008

I had an Impressive 3-1 with the lost a last drive score by the Titans.                                                                         Which Means I nailed my upset specail for the week.

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ystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend games.  I will always prognosticate on the Eagles and Cowboys games and then pick two more games of interest (to me, that is, not necessarily to you).  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball!

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9 October 2008

OK , Who didn't know it would before trade deadline and Adam "Do not call me Pacman" Jones would have a police blotter again. Cowboys have decide it was not against his list of violations from the team. I really would like to see the list the tells him where he can not go, and when there is times he can go to certain places. According to Jerry Jones he was A OK being at hotel for the advent.  Now I am sure this was just a little blow out of proportion by the media but police where called. I know if police where called for me I am sure I would recieve some kind of fine.

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Once again, Adam don’t call me “Pac-man” Jones has made the headlines.  And when Mr. Jones makes the headlines, it usually isn’t good news!  Early Wednesday morning, Pac-man allegedly got into a “scuffle” with one of his security guards at a hotel in Dallas (read more here).  The police were called, but no charges were filed.  Is this much ado about nothing…or is Adam facing a possible suspension! 

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8 October 2008

bsp;    So, I came to wonder, with all the success the Phillies are having while the Eagles are struggling…who is winning out?  Last Sunday afternoon the Eagles

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7 October 2008

      A little back ground on me. I have an Eagles paint basement. with a 42 inch plasma and 27 inch tv. During Eagles game I have that on 27 with volume, with the plasma split screen. So Middle screen is a game that I deem good to watch, while other half of plasma is flipped between rest of the games. I have laptop on nfl.com and watch for teams to hit zone then flip to that game to see who scores. I am the commish in a few Fantasy leagues, but the one I usually have several members over to watch the games. This way we can bs about fantasy as well as games we are watching. Also on rare occasions we try to make a trade.......Very Rare...............lol.

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eep pace in such a highly contested division.


Washington @ Philadelphia:  The Eagles got off to a great start leading 14-0 early in the contest.  The zebras gave the Birds a gift TD on a DeSean “Fraction” Jackson punt return and Philadelphia was ready to give the KO punch to the ‘Skins.  Washington stuck around with some field goals and took the lead with some nifty running by Portis… and they never looked back!  They ran the ball at will against the Birds and ran out the clock!  

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6 October 2008


           Yesterday, the Eagles lost another heartbreaker to a division foe, the Washington Redskins, 23-17.  The Eagles stand at 2-3 and in 4th (last) place in their division.  They have now lost two division (3 conference) games…and that does not bode well for play-off considerations.  Though it’s still early in the season…the sky may be falling! 

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3 October 2008

ystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend games.  I will always prognosticate on the Eagles and Cowboys games and then pick two more games of interest (to me, that is, not necessarily to you).  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball!

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2 October 2008


           Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots, was accused by Al Davis of “tampering” with Randy Moss prior to their trade a year ago.  The Raiders received a 4th round pick as compensation in the deal.  Davis alleges that the Patriots had a secret workout with Moss prior to the negotiations, which would violate NFL rules.  Bill (here’s a surprise) denies the accusation. 

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1 October 2008

Wednesday Blast

Hello NFL Fans,

Once again it is time to blast your problems away on hump day. For those of you that do not know how this works, here it is. You let me know what is bothering you, football wise, since I am not a therapist. I post it on my weekly article and hopefully help relieve the stress in your life. I have received even more feedback since the last two Blasts. You guys are giving me great ammo to continue putting your opinions out there.

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Much has been said and written about Terrell Eldorado Owens…so why should this week be any different?  It shouldn’t!  Mr. Owens had some comments that he made after the Cowboys lost to the Redskins.  He wants the ball more…gee, that’s a surprise?  He wants the offense to go through him…again, I was shocked?  He wants to be involved early and often…okay, now I am just down right astonished? 

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30 September 2008

           This week two head coaches were relieved of their duties…fired!  First, Scott Linehan of the St. Louis Rams, and now, Lane Kiffin of the Oakland Raiders, why?  Jim Haslet replaced Linehan.  What’s the difference, the Rams are horrific!  Kiffin is being replaced with O-line coach, Tom Cable…who?  Yeah, that’s right, I never heard of him either! 

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29 September 2008

 So yeah, the Sunday night game between the Eagles and Bears stressed me out a bit.  It seemed at times that McNabb could pull it off and then sometimes he looked completely clueless.  I just don't understand how the Cowboys have Barber and Jones, the Jaguars have Jones-Drew and Taylor, but when Westbrook goes down, the

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Philadelphia @ Chicago:  Wow…Chicago and Kyle Ortin get a win against the Eagles?  Are you kidding me?  Now the Eagles were without Westbrook, but still, the

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re up on supposedly the best team in the league and you sit back and watch them score! At least the Eagles were trying to get after Mr. Simpson, they just couldn’t, but wait on them after being successful, is just crazy to me.

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27 September 2008

           The other day, Rashard Mendenhall (Rookie RB for the Pittsburgh Steelers) sent his buddy, Ray Rice (Rookie RB for the Baltimore Ravens) a text message.  So why is that football news?  Because LB Bart Scott of the Ravens made it so!  Mendenhall’s text was only intended for his buddy Ray.  It claimed how great of a day Rashard was going to have against the vaunted Raven’s Defense.  Ray Rice took it upon himself to let his defense know about the text message…Bart Scoot took offense.

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26 September 2008

The Blast 1.5

Hello Blast fans,

I know I was making this a weekly blog for all those problems with everyone’s teams. But the response to the Blast has been overwhelming and some of these are just to funny to wait any longer. Keep on emailing and commenting I love posting up what you guys want to say about your teams.

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ystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend games.  I will always prognosticate on the Eagles and Cowboys games and then pick two more games of interest (to me, that is, not necessarily to you).  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball!           

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25 September 2008

           On Saturday night, I relearned a lesson I already knew.  Often times, we need to be reminded of lessons we learned as a child.  When we were children, things were simpler.  We didn’t judge, we just played with everyone…all the other children were our friends.  We learned to judge, as we grew older.  Our teachers always taught us right from wrong…but did we listen? 

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24 September 2008

It is better out than in I once heard on TV.

First off everyone knows that I am a religious Eagles fan and that I know every intricacy of the organization, because they call me and tell about it of course. But the one little thing I do not know about is this…

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23 September 2008

e same rights.  They fight for these rights! 

A few years back at the Vet, I was at an Eagles-Cowboys game and witnessed a grown man spilling a beer over a young boy’s head because he was wearing an Aikman jersey.  That boy was minding his own business…just trying to enjoy his team play.  I have seen people brawl over similar circumstances many times at the Vet.   

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22 September 2008

My Eagles limp into Chitown to try and prove once again that they can score more than field goals against a good D.

The hype might not be as much as it was on Monday night, but believe me all of these upcoming division games should be nationally televised.

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s @ Green Bay:  I had picked Green Bay because I felt that after the emotional win against the Eagles, the short week, being on the road, and never having won at Lambeau Field, that the ‘Boyz would falter.  I was wrong!  “Boo” for my predictions…”yeah” for my team! 

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21 September 2008

Kevin Kolb's first NFL past for an interception.

Wait a second is that possable. Did the second year QB's first pass get tipped and caught by Troy Polamalu? Wait a second I know I drink alot.....

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19 September 2008

ystal ball and give my predictions for that weekend games.  I will always prognosticate on the Eagles and Cowboys games and then pick two more games of interest (to me, that is, not necessarily to you).  Keep in mind, that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I do not endorse any sort of legal or illegal gambling.  That being said…let’s see what’s in my crystal ball! 

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18 September 2008

           The NFL, in my opinion, is the best sport in the world.  It is a violent game played by phenomenal athletes, who by the way, get paid handsomely for it.  Every year the NFL Competition Committee comes up with new rules to “improve” the game.  For instance, this year, they got rid of the 5-yard facemask penalty.  Now it’s either a 15-yard personal foul, or incidental contact and no penalty…what genius came up with that one? 

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17 September 2008


So, you may ask, what does this have to do with football…everything!  When the Eagles acquired Terrell Eldorado Owens, they loved him.  They chanted, T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O.!!!  Everyone in Philly was going crazy over this guy.  Then he got the boot, and he signed with the Cowboys.  He clashed with Parcells…but under Wade Phillips, he has really become a vocal leader on his team.  He has even taken the younger receivers under his wing and has spent extra time showing them the ropes.  He has become a model teammate in Dallas…so, why the change in Terrell? 

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16 September 2008

on you didn’t see it…shame on you!  The Dallas Cowboys outlasted the Philadelphia Eagles 41-37.  This game had everything imaginable.  The offenses were unstoppable, yet the defenses made plays when needed.  This game defined the season for both teams.  The Cowboys thought they were good, now they know that they are, and it could turn out to be a magical season.  The

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15 September 2008

I just wanted to welcome all Eagles fans to my new blog. I will update it a few times a day and would welcome your post also. Any eagles topics you like, just post it and we can talk about it.

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2 June 2008

This is the same guy who constantly gets injured playing on defense, so why would the Eagles give a defense a shot at laying Lito out? Only reason a rumor like this begins in the first place is because people feel as though Lito is expendable being we now have Asante. I don't think that is true at all, I don't think Asante was signed as Lito's replacement, I believe he was signed because he was the best available defensive free agent. Even if Lito didn't have a history of injuries I could see the

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