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Eagles Fan

What Evan Mathis Knee Injury: Means for the Philadelphia Eagles? posted by Eagles Fan

Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro guard Evan Mathis appears to be recovering quite well from a medial collateral ligament injury in his right knee that he suffered all the way back in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This is great news to Eagles fans and unless there’s an unforeseen setback to his timetable, Evan Mathis is scheduled to return to action Nov. 10.

According to Tim McManus of, Mathis was back at practice with the team for the first time since the MCL injury back at the beginning of the season, but since the Eagles organization placed Mathis on the injured reserve list, he is ineligible to return to action whether he is fully healed or not, until the November 10th date.   

November 10th cannot come soon enough for the Eagles, as Mathis’ return will be a huge boost to the depleted Eagles offensive line that also lost star center Jason Kelce earlier this year. The team needs that veteran presence back on the line in order for them to be productive on the ground once again. An O-line needs time and games together to build a bond that is so key when adjusting to multiple blitz looks and defensive fronts in the heat of the game. Also to not leave too much into the hands of their quarterback, who has shown, time and time again, that when he puts too much of the offensive production onto his shoulders, it is usually met with disastrous results.

When Mathis, and soon after, Kelce are healed and cleared for play, the Eagles can have their original O-line back, the same O-line that produced the NFL’s best run game a season ago, but has since been less than stellar, half way through the season.

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Patriots Fan

How New England Patriots Safety Patrick Chung Has Revitalized His Career. posted by Patriots Fan

Patrick Chung was a promising safety out of Oregon, but after a dismal career 

was on the brink of irrelevance after lasting only one year with the Eagles. 

Yet his time with the Patriots has given his career a boost. He’s become a utility safety that can cover the deep half as well as step up and fill the box, which has been key for the Patriots who have a much depleted front seven.

Now that the Patriots are transitioning from a zone heavy team to a more man to man coverage defense, Chung’s physicality has become increasingly vital to the team’s success. Being able to re-direct larger, more physical tight ends while being able to come up and fill the outside edge on running plays, allows the Patriots to leave their corners more on an island without the fear of giving up the edge or having tight ends and backs slip underneath to the flats.

Now, Chung’s success has come at an opportune moment as the Patriots had no other options to turn to, but given how Chung has been playing, arguably the best run fill safety in the league, it is hard to ignore his added value to this defense, and even harder to remove him from the starting line up once the Patriots ailing defenders get healthy and return to the field.

Yet, if history is any indicator, this is not the first time Chung has shown his abilities in the past, only to then follow it up with disappointing inconsistency. The Oregon Duck is nearing the twilight of his career and this may be the last chance he will have to impress hic coaches and teammates and make him an indispensable asset to their defensive scheme.

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Eagles Fan

Another Painful Year For Philadelphia Eagles Fans? posted by Eagles Fan

The Eagles finished last year’s season with a 10-6 record and part of that success was the fantastic play of quarterback Nick Foles. A third round pick in the 2012 Draft, Foles completed 64 percent of his passes, posted 9.1 YPA and an astounding 27 to 2 touchdown to interception ratio.

It’s hard to imagine Foles repeating that kind of performance as the Eagles will have a tougher schedule this year. Plus, he’ll be a target for opposing defenses that  will have the entire offseason dissecting coach Chip Kelly’s offense.  Plus, he’ll have to play without DeSean Jackson, who left the team due to locker room issues and bickering with the coaching staff.

But Foles will have other weapons like tight end Zach Ertz. The second-year pro showed what he could do at the latter part of the season with a 6-57-1 line at Minnesota. Coach Kelly has said that Ertz will be a bigger part of the Eagles offense this year. Foles will also look for Daren Sproles who came from the Saints. While  Sproles is on the decline, he’s still a decent addition to the team.

The Eagles are also banking that LeSean McCoy will have another big year. While his numbers dipped when Foles entered the line-up, he and Foles will have the entire offseason to get acquainted.

While the Eagles had one of the best offenses last year, their defense needs a lot of improvement. In fact it surrendered a mind-boggling 48 points to the Vikings who were playing without Adrian Peterson in December 2013.

The team hopes new players Malcolm Jenkins and Nolan Carroll will improve the defense. Carroll is expected to start while Jenkins is an upgrade at safety only because Patrick Chung was a disaster last year.

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Amari Harris

First Down Friday: Week Two posted by Amari Harris

First Down Friday

Evening football fans,

Week one of the NFL season is in the books and week two is on deck.  We’ve already seen the Packers vindicate themselves on Thursday night football after their week one loss, but this definitely doesn’t look like the 15-1 team from 2011 or the Super Bowl team from 2010.  Everyone had high expectations for the Bears after some offseason upgrades (Brandon Marshall & Michael Bush), and they seemed to justify those expectation with a week one drubbing of the Colts 41-21.  But last night’s game seemed to foreshadow the unpredictability of the 2012 NFL season and it feels as though we may know less after week two than we did after week one (if that’s possible).  Here are my thoughts about this upcoming weekend’s games:

  1. Scoring up?  Big Whoop!

Many fans and experts alike took note of the record breaking scoring that went on in week one, and a majority seemed concerned that this was a bad sign for the league.  The fact remains that the NFL has evolved into a more fast paced, passing-centered game that will result in more high scores.  Almost all new developments in the game are designed to enhance the passing game, increase the scoring, and bring more excitement to the game.  The NFL’s researchers know that audiences love the air shows that quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, and Tom Brady conduct on a weekly basis. 

However, there is still room in this game for punishing defense and an effective run game.  That’s how the 49ers were able to beat up on that 15-1 Packers team from a year ago despite the Pack’s upgrades at several positions.  That’s how the Cowboys were able to get revenge on the Super Bowl champion Giants.  While the passing game will get you points, put you in a position to win games, and get you to the playoffs, defense and the running game keeps the other team off the board, ends games, and wins you a championship.  Some will argue that the last few Super Bowl champions didn’t have great regular season defenses, but if you look at any of those teams playoff runs, you will see that each of those defenses was playing the best at the time.  We’ll see if that trend continues or if the league will completely shift to an offense dominated game. 

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Joe Anello

The Final Drive: Week 1, 2012 posted by Joe Anello

Week one of the NFL season has come and gone. That means we only have 16 more weeks to go! (I’m already tearing up.) But with a new NFL season comes a new volume of The Final Drive! Let’s jump right into the best/worst/craziest games of the weekend.

(1-0) Dallas Cowboys 24
(0-1) New York Giants 17

Dallas comes out and wins a competitive game against their division rival and the Super Bowl Champs. They’ll be hanging their hats on this one in January when they’re quickly exited from the playoffs. Wait, what did I say?


(1-0) Philadelphia Eagles 17
(0-1) Cleveland Browns 16

Michael Vick did his damndest to lose this game, tossing four interceptions. I’m not gonna say I called Weeden’s four sacks and four sacks… but I did call four sacks and three picks. Just sayin’.

(1-0) New England Patriots 34
(0-1) Tennessee Titans 13


(1-0) Atlanta Falcons 40
(0-1) Kansas City 24

Kansas City hung around longer than I thought, but at the end of the day it was Atlanta’s offense that took control. Look out for Julio Jones in 2012.

(1-0) Minnesota Vikings 26
(0-1) Jacksonville Jaguars 23

Freaking Jags.


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Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 NFL Preview: The NFC posted by Joe Anello

I simply cannot wait for football to start. I’m been diving into preseason film, tearing through roster moves, and keeping myself awake at night pondering the possibilities of the 2012 season. Since the season kicks off with the Cowboys and Giants Wednesday night on NBC, let’s get right into my season predictions for the National Football Conference! As a preface, let me just say that this entire process is weird. I’ve looked a decent amount of schedules, but these records (which, when all totaled with the AFC, will equal out correctly) are more akin to indications of how good/crappy I think these teams will be. Let’s break it down!

The NFC East

Last year the NFC East turned into a slaughterhouse, with no team able to break the double-digit win mark. That didn’t stop these teams from making headlines on a daily basis though. With Philly re-charged for another run, a franchise QB finally in D.C., the Cowboys in a pivotal year and the Super Bowl champs looking to repeat, there won’t be any shortage of news in the NFC East. To preface these predictions, this division is a crap-shoot. The only team I’m sure won’t win the East is Washington. Otherwise these teams will just beat up on each other, ensuring that no one breaks away.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last year’s dream turned into something more like a nightmare as Andy Reid’s Eagles failed to meet expectations. Injuries and soft play contributed to their woes, as Michael Vick couldn’t stay on the field (as usual) and DeSean Jackson was worried about his contract situation. LeSean McCoy was a bright spot, but he couldn’t carry this team beyond its mediocre finish. Drafting Fletcher Cox and trading for linebacker DeMeco Ryans should boost second year coordinator Juan Castillo’s defensive unit quite a bit. If they can maintain that pass rush, Philly’s excellent corners will be able to take advantage of their match-up’s and show glimpses of the unit they were supposed to be in 2011. They’re primed to improve, but their over success still depends on Michael Vick’s health.

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Joe Anello

2012 NFL Free Agency: Day Two posted by Joe Anello

The second day of free agency may not have been as fast and furious as the first, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of headlines made. Let’s get right into the news of the day!

-News flash: Calvin Johnson is pretty damn good. And now he’s pretty damn rich, signing the richest contract in NFL history on Wednesday. The extension, which tweaks the final year of his previous deal, adds seven more with a dollar value of $132 million. Johnson may not be actually “worth” the money, but the Lions couldn’t afford not to lock him down for the long term.

- As expected, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continued their spending spree, signing guard Carl Nicks to bolster their offensive line. I’ve already heard some pundits talking of the Bucs’ line as if it could be the best in football next season. Slow your freaking horses boys. It takes a LOT more than a really great guard to make a successful offensive line. That being said, it was a position the Bucs desperately needed to upgrade.

-DeSean Jackson was punished y the Eagles, franchised by the Eagles, and then rewarded by the Eagles. His newly signed five years, $47 million deal is just Philly rewarding his unprofessional behavior with long-term security. I know they’re banking on him settling down with less financial woes to trouble him, but this isn’t a wise decision in my books. At least we’ll see more of this…

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Eagles Fan

Painful year for Philadelphia Eagles fans posted by Eagles Fan

It was an interesting and somewhat painful year for Philadelphia Eagles fans, but given that the city’s been on a bit of a roll with sports and the Eagles are still very well setup for the future, fans’ disappointment shouldn’t last too much longer. Heading into the 2011 season, the Eagles signed a number of noteworthy free agents, and seemed primed for a fantastic season, as well as a potential playoff run. In fact, some even went as far as to call the Eagles a “dream team,” and some predicted outlandish things like undefeated seasons and surefire Super Bowl contention. Everything from jersey sales to Philadelphia direct tv action seemed to spike as an always-faithful fan base grew even more excited than usual. Unfortunately, the season didn’t go as planned, and the Eagles wound up missing the playoffs – however, they were still a dangerous team, and here are a few r easons to expect a very good season next year.

- The first reason is as simple and obvious as any analysis that can be made on the NFL: Michael Vick. Vick didn’t quite have the year some were expecting following his stunningly sharp 2010 campaign, but this was partially due to injury concerns. Michael Vick is a proven winner with as strong a will to compete as just about anyone in the league, and he is perfectly capable of putting Philadelphia on his back. As long as he’s still around – and in 2011, he will be – this team will be a playoff threat.
- LeSean McCoy is another very clear reason to expect the Eagles to stick around as contenders, despite the disappointing 2011 season. McCoy reached a new level this season, rushing for 1309 yards at 4.8 per carry, with 17 touchdowns to show for it (stats according to It’s common knowledge that Vick will have huge offensive games, and that when it’s on the Philly defense is a force to be reckoned with – but McCoy’s numbers on top of this are essentially an added bonus, and could be the “x-factor” that pushes a healthy Eagles team toward the Super Bowl.
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Joe Anello

Reid and Turner back for 2012: Really? posted by Joe Anello

Black Monday came and went, but the coaching news continued on Tuesday with releases in Chicago and major retentions in San Diego and Philly. Were they the right moves? Let’s break ‘em down!


San Diego Chargers retain General Manager A.J. Smith and Head Coach Norv Turner

OH COME ON!!! I was finally ready to break-up the Turner/Philips romance. However, you can chalk up this stay of execution to a few select reasons. First, key players (i.e. Rivers) probably bitched enough to convince management that it would cause chemistry issues to change coaches. Second, who were they going to get that was even marginally better? Turner’s still got swagger when it comes to his offense, so I’m not sure who was out there (that would come to San Diego) that would be a marked improvement. Maybe Cowher or Gruden if they got extraordinarily lucky, but I’m sure they were rejected outright on those fronts. Finally, it’s the AFC West. A couple plays would have made the difference in getting the Chargers to the playoffs, so they don’t need to improve much to get there next year.

Right Call?

Fudge no. I’m sure team President Dean Spanos thought it’d easier to improve with continuity than an overhaul. I don’t care. I still think both of these guys needed to be put down. I’m still shocked they have their jobs. You let me down Dean.


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Joe Anello

The Final Drive: Week 17, 2011-12 posted by Joe Anello

The 2011 NFL regular season ended with a bang with some great finishes and superb drama on Sunday. Records were set by a back-up QB, a team captain was benched for “quitting” and a fat-handed QB lost missed out on the post-season. The Final Drive must begin!

(15-1) Green Bay Packers 45
(10-6) Detroit Lions 41

This makes me beyond furious. Mike McCarthy takes out his MVP quarterback and starts a fourth year back-up with one career start in Matt Flynn, and f*cking records are broken. Six touchdowns? 480 yards? Who wouldn’t want to be Matt Flynn right now? That guy is about to make BANK as a free agent. Blow me Green Bay. Take your awesome quarterback development and blow me.


(6-10) Miami Dolphins 19
(8-8) New York Jets 17
Mark Sanchez: 3 interceptions. Santonio Holmes: benched and called out as a whiny quitter by his teammates.  (Seriously. Worst team captain ever.) Bart Scott: flips off a photographer and refuses to talk to the media (For once). Finally seeing theses loathsome Jets miss the playoffs is SO satisfying to me. Take it Rex Ryan. Take it hard.

(8-8) Philadelphia Eagles 34
(5-11) Washington Redskins 10

I don’t give a crap about the result of this game. What I do care about is DeSean Jackson deciding to actually play like he means it and be remorseful for his completely idiotic actions this season in the last game of the year. I’d be surprised (not stunned though) if the Eagles kept Jackson around. Maybe franchise him and get him on a one-year deal, but you would have thought he’d have been on better behavior once he showed up to 2011.

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Former Eagles coach Marion Campbell dies at 87 (Yahoo Sports)

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Former NFL coach Buddy Ryan dies at 82 (Reuters)

(Reuters) - Buddy Ryan, the cantankerous coach who constructed one of the greatest defenses in NFL history with the Chicago Bears and served as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals, died on Tuesday of cancer at age 82, the league announced. Ryan, whose twin sons Rex and Rob have carved out lengthy NFL coaching careers of their own, had a blustery, cocky personality and was sometimes at odds with coaches on his own teams - one of whom he punched during a game. Ryan's record as a head coach was not overwhelming but his defensive acumen was never questioned. [read full article]

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