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I am a hugh NFL fan, The Eagles are still number one.
A little back ground on me. I have an Eagles paint basement. with a 42 inch plasma and 27 inch tv. During Eagles game I have that on 27 with volume, with the plasma split screen. So Middle screen is a game that I deem good to watch, while other half of plasma is flipped between rest of the games. I have laptop on and watch for teams to hit zone then flip to that game to see who scores. I am the commish in a few Fantasy leagues, but the one I usually have several members over to watch the games. This way we can bs about fantasy as well as games we are watching. Also on rare occasions we try to make a trade.......Very

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Rookie Combine posted on 02/22/2009

It's one of the best times of the year. Turn to NFL Network and see players trying to make the NFL. Showing off what they can do. The one thing I never understood was the players that do not take part in certain drills. When a QB will not throw in passing drills makes me scratch my head. I mean might only make a different in a draft spot or two but do you not want to put your best foot forward. On an interview do you not talk about your back groun and in the end this is their job interview.

Well, time to count down to the draft. As an Eagles fan it should be a good year with two first round picks. I mean several chances and possabilities. I personel would not mind seeing a pick go to Cleveland for Winslow. Granted he must stay health to be a factor but he is a stud. Also a trade with the Cardinals would be a dream come true. Boldin in Eagles green. Sounds to much like a dream. Now Housh is an easier target as a  free agent. Granted Housh is a stub and age might not make him a grea number one though but I wil take what ever upgrade we can get. As far as the Draft goes. Bennie  Wells is awesome but is an injury risk. I saw him in several games and where about a maturity complex he might have. I do not see a selfish player working well in Eagles Green.

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Super Bowl Pick's posted on 01/31/2009

Super Bowl 43

After the Eagles choked on this years chance I started to think which way to go. The Steelers going for their 6th and most for one team. Then you have the Cards going for their first. Ouch I really wanted the Birds in this years game. Well, as a true football fan I had to break the game down to which team earned it more.  The Answer was simple time to get the coin

Steelers Road to Super Bowl

They took a few lumos, but also dished out some as well. They had a hard season on offense,but boy was there Def. steller. Ben was sacked more times then people working at circuit city.(they are goin out of businness and all there associates are getting sacked). Willie Parker was unable to play most of the season. They have some talented Recievers, but they seem to have league or personel issues. They have two young talented tightends and they are going to play a big part Sunday. Their Def have a ton of talent and as long as Dick Lebeau stays they will be in top 10 in the league. Kee an eye out for Troy Palomula's Coca Cola Commercail tommorow. Their 12-4 record was second in the AFC and after a great game against the Chargers they had to beat the Ravens for a third time.

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Two game pick'em posted on 01/17/2009

The video is for my loyal bloggers who like Eagle Cheerleaders. I will try to find a better video next time.

Ravens vs. Steelers.

This game is going to be a blood bath with lots of hits and last man standing to goes to Tampa Bay for the super bowl. The Steelers already have two wins againts the Ravens this year. A threepete might be a little hard for such a great matchup. These teams know each other pretty well, with the last game being decided by a so calledtouchdown pass. The first game was in overtime when Reed kicked a field goal to win.

This time I expect a over game and take the points. Straight up I think the Steelers are going to be playing again in two weeks. 

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NFC Championship Game posted on 01/11/2009

The Philadelphia Eagles get to travel ut West for A Showdown with Arizona Cardinals.

The Thanksgiving rematch. The first time these two teams meet on a night thanksgiving game, The Philadelphia Eagles turned on the Offense. The Cardinals where already shue ins to win the division. They where just going through the emotions. The where resting up for a playoff run. The have a lot of threats on the offense and since play offs started the Defense has step it up. These Two teams are rolling in the playoffs and the Desert should be lit up with points on Sunday afternoon. The Home team has also re found a running game. Which helps the old arm of Kurt Warner, plus he could be getting A. Boldin back.

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AFC Championship Sunday Jan 18th posted on 01/11/2009

The game is set in stone. The Pittsburgh Steelers get to host the Baltimore Ravens. This is the third time the two teams meet. The big story is Baltimore Ravens Rookie starting Quarterback doing the same thing Big Ben did his rookie season. The are two of only three rookie QB's to win their first playoff game as a rookie.  Flacco already had him beat for rookie starts with 18 games going on 19 nless something happens. While  Ben Roethlisberger only started  15 games his rookie Season. With A win Flacco Would set a high rookie standard with 20 starts in Rookie season with the current schedule be impossable to beat. The Ravens lost the first game by a field goal. Then the Second game their was a questionable  call of a TD that gave the Steelers the Win.

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