Zach Koenig's Comment Wall

Zach Koenig's comment wall

Coleman Dieger
Sunday 28th December 2008, 12:48pm
I liked what you have wrote here. I agree with the reasoning of why you didn't dwell on it. However, I think until the Purple give a reason not to be nervous with winning the games they are supposed to win, my blood pressure will go up in most games, regardless of the opponent. I think it is painfully obvious that somehow the Vikes have a hard time getting up to play more times than not lately. That is disappointing with keeping in mind how much money these guys are making! Matching or exceeding that other teams intensity has been a definite challenge. I will wear my purple attire regardless of wins or losses, but also won't give the Purple a pass or easy ride. I know it's always more healthy to be on the positive side, but important to be in reality as well. Awesome input from you as always!

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